Our Services

Strategic & financial planning and implementation.

Working with leadership teams we assist in the development of a strategic plan, managing the process from end to end.  We will take clients through how an SME should undertake the process, preparing your business plan, providing credible financial models and assist with financial forecasting and scenario testing, setting milestones, ranking and rating proposed projects. A key aspect to this service is determining how to implement and manage the strategy developed in the business plan.  We help to identify and set CSF's, KPI's; thus aiding clients manage the performance of their company. We will also assist with the people side of change necessary to achieve the desired strategy.

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer / Finance Director

A part-time highly experienced CFO will work closely with the finance function and the management team, interpreting the information and reporting on the performance of the company. Our main objective is to enable CEO’s to concentrate on the sustainable growth of their business by removing the day-to-day operational aspect of the finance department and providing timely and accurate data on which the management team can make informed strategic decisions.

Funding advisory service

Working with leadership teams, we can assess the funding requirement, identify the various funding options available to SME’s and recommend the most suitable form.  We will help with the application process and the actual engagement to ensure that the company is successful in raising additional third-party funding.   We can provide introductions to venture capital, private equity, government funding, debt, asset finance, equity and banks.

Corporate Finance Services

SGL provide a range of other corporate finance services including merging/acquisition support, identifying/accessing government and state supports, due diligence services, Taxation supports and various risk management services. Through our combined experience and knowledge, we can assist your organisation to navigate through the finance and funding environment with confident and strong support.